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Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral was colonized by 16th-century Spanish explorers and named “Cobo Canaveral,” which loosely translates to “sugar cane plantation.” The economy in this area centered around farming and fishing until the early 1900s, when the community began to shift towards becoming a vacation destination. Today, Cape Canaveral is home to approximately 10,000 individuals, many of whom work less than 20 minutes from their homes.

This focus on local business helps to support the tourist industry and fosters a sense of community among full-time residents. Life in Cape Canaveral is centered around Port Canaveral. This deep-water port was constructed in the 1950s for the United States Navy. Today, it is a major player in Florida’s economy, allowing large trade ships to dock and ship goods throughout Central Florida. Port Canaveral is also an important player in the cruise ship industry. Several major cruise lines begin and end a variety of trips at this port.

Living in Cape Canaveral, FL

This community holds several well-attended events each year. One popular feature is Street Eats on Taylor. This is held the second Saturday of every month and is a great place to grab dinner. With different food trucks each month, there is always something new to try. The city of Cape Canaveral also hosts events such as the Space Coast Kite Festival and a free Movie in the Park.

The city also offers a free workshop on how to make oyster mats. These oyster mats are laid in knee-deep water in an attempt to restore Florida’s oyster reefs. The oysters are an important player in Florida’s natural ecosystem, working to filter the water in addition to preventing coastal erosion. Some scientists believe that oyster reefs are one of Earth’s most endangered ecosystems, with 85% or more destroyed already. These community efforts to restore the ecosystem not only foster an environment of cooperation and community, but they also help keep Florida beautiful.

Cape Canaveral Real Estate and Cape Canaveral Waterfront Homes for Sale

Cape Canaveral real estate is surprisingly affordable, given its ideal beachfront location. The median home price in the area is just under $150,000. This includes the sale of a multitude of condos in addition to the stand-alone, single-family homes. These homes are usually farther inland, but are frequently estate style properties with spacious floor plans, up to date features, and large landscaped lots.

The largest, most elegant homes in the area can easily sell for over $1 million. Like much of Central Florida, the coastal portions of Cape Canaveral real estate include an assortment of upscale condos. The property in Cape Canaveral is fairly evenly split between residents who rent, residents who own, and property that is rented out to vacationers.

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