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Long-Term Management

Benefits of Long-term Rental Management for the Homeowner:

  • Stable & Consistent Monthly Income;
  • Less expenses as Utility bills (Electric, Water, Gas, Phone & Cable) are transferred to & paid by the Tenant;
  • Reduces potential for security problems as home is occupied full time;
  • Elimination of county sales tax obligation as any property rented for more than 180 days consecutively does not incur this tax;
  • Buys time for homeowners that want to sell, by waiting out the current Buyer’s market.

Long-Term Property Management Services Cocoa Beach Best Realty:

  • Aggressive Advertising & Marketing campaign to Secure a Tenant – we market on over 20 different internet rental sites, including the # 1 site
  • Marketing campaign with many third party sites for maximum exposure.
  • Marketing on the MyFloridaRegional MLS, the largest shared property database which is available to licensed Realtors throughout the state of Florida
  • Email Marketing campaign to Relocation companies;
  • We typically secure a tenant w/in 30 day time frame;
  • Secure Tenant for terms of 7 or 12 months;
  • 7 Month minimum term eliminates Homeowner’s requirement to pay County Resort (Sales) Tax that is required for Short-term rental properties;
  • Full Credit Check of Prospective Tenants: Credit, Employment and Rental History;
  • Handle all Leases, Collect Security & Pet Deposits, Collect Monthly Rent;
  • Inspect Property during term to ensure Tenant compliance;
  • Resolve any Tenant Issues, Arrange Maintenance & Cleanings, Lawn & Pool Care;
  • End of Lease Inspection, Final Reconciliation of charges for which Tenant may be responsible from their Security Deposit.