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Mid-Century Modern Homes Florida

Mid-century modern architecture is popular around the country. This clean architectural style is frequently associated with floor to ceiling windows and exposed beams. While these elements were definitely popular, the phrase “mid-century modern architecture” really encompasses several different design elements that were common in homes from 1940 to 1975.

The floor plans of these homes center around open spaces and accessibility. The homes are designed to offer extensive views of their yards or other green spaces such as nearby golf courses. Wide windows above the kitchen sink are also common in mid-century modern homes. This era also included the rise of the A-frame home. A-frame homes were popular because of their clean-cut lines, a common theme in mid-century modern architecture.

One popular type of mid-century modern homes in Florida is the “international” style.

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These homes are particularly common along the coast, offering unbeatable ocean and river views from nearly every room in the house. These homes have very little exterior detailing, instead focusing on simplicity and elegance. Notably, this architectural style is also common in skyscrapers. Flat roofs and windows with metal casements are common themes in the “international” style mid-century modern homes. These low profile windows often extend the length of the home and can lead out onto the wrap around balconies on several levels. Entrances are often recessed and the home’s asymmetrical profile includes windows that extend all the way up to the peaked roofline.

Our listings include a variety of mid-century homes, including waterfront properties as well as inland homes. These dwellings often feature stunning views of the ocean, river, or various natural preserves in the area. Sweeping yards are common in these homes, with outdoor spaces that are perfect for entertaining guests. The commonly found floor to ceiling windows will let you monitor your kids playing in the yard from inside the comfort of your kitchen or living room.

Every aspect of these homes was well thought out and executed. Every feature was deliberately installed, eliminating a lot of the unnecessary embellishments that were common in prior decades. The end result is a clean looking building that values form and function equally. Many of these mid-century modern homes have been recently updated to include some of the highlights of 21st-century design. In most of the Florida properties we have listed for sale, the kitchens have been updated to include stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. The sleek interiors of these updated kitchens now match the clean lines that can be found elsewhere in the home.

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